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What To Look For When Buying A Shower Set?

Shower Head Size & Functions:
Large and small. Larger shower heads spread water over a greater area and therefore have less force. Smaller shower heads distribute more water in a smaller area. Multi-function shower heads have different settings and are ideal for washing lots of hair.
Valve Type:
Lower-cost pressure balance valves have manual temperature settings, as opposed to more expensive thermostatic valves, which can be set once and regulate the temperature automatically.
Hand Held Shower:
This can add to the cost of the installation process, but it is well worth the flexibility it gives you to clean not only yourself, but also the shower area.
Shower Slide Bar:
With an adjustable shower slide bar, you can enjoy even greater flexibility. Use the slide bar along with a multifunction hand held shower head instead of the shower head and save cost.

What are Shower Kits?
Shower Kits are comprehensive showering solutions that include a two-output shower set with various configurations, such as a shower head and hand-held shower, or a shower head and tub spout, among other options. These kits offer a luxurious shower experience with premium quality fixtures and innovative design.
Are Shower Sets water-efficient?
Yes, Isenberg Luxury Faucets Shower Sets are designed with water efficiency in mind. The brand incorporates advanced technology to optimize water flow without compromising on the showering experience, promoting sustainable water usage.
Can Shower Kits be used in low-pressure areas?
Yes, Isenberg Luxury Faucets Shower Kits are designed to perform well in various water pressure conditions, including low water pressure areas. The brand's shower sets are engineered to provide an enjoyable showering experience regardless of the water pressure.
Are Isenberg Shower Set components replaceable?
Yes, Isenberg Luxury Faucets offers replacement parts and components for their Shower Sets. If you wish to upgrade or replace a specific part in your existing shower set, you can contact the brand's customer support for assistance.