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Filter Faucets

Our Filter faucets are an innovative and convenient solution for providing clean and safe drinking water. They are paired with an external under-sink filtration system to remove impurities in your water supply. Upgrade your kitchen and make a conscious choice by choosing a filter faucet. Protect the environment by reducing the use of plastic bottles.

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Wall Mounted Pot Fillers

Introducing the ultimate kitchen convenience: the pot filler faucet. Rather than moving pots back and forth from the sink to the stove, simply add water to your pots on the stove or the platform using our wall-mounted pot fillers.

Our pot filler faucets have a flow rate of 4.0 GPM compared to a standard kitchen faucet. Upgrade your kitchen with the convenience and elegance of Isenberg’s pot filler faucet.

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pot fille installed on wall

Bar Faucets

Known for a stylish and convenient addition to any kitchen or home bar, our bar faucets are specifically designed for use in smaller spaces. They feature a smaller spout allowing easy access to the sink without taking up too much space. Find the perfect faucet to fit your space and personal taste and upgrade your home bar or prep area.

Chrome Bar Faucet on Granite

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