The Isenberg Range: Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures Collection

Different Styles. Consistent Quality.

With our singular investment in technology and devotion to craftsmanship, Isenberg offer’s an amazing array of bathroom plumbing fixtures collection showcasing a multitude of design possibilities. Our plumbing fixture collections consisting of bathroom faucets, basin mixers, shower-heads, and other systems and fixtures may vary in style, but all share common attributes such as solid brass construction, precision machining, and meticulous finishing.

Interior Designers and consumers alike love Isenberg’s bathroom faucet collections because the variety and depth we offer make it easy to create a cohesive finished look that complements any décor. Isenberg bathroom fixture collections make a style statement that speaks of luxury, elegance, and simplicity. And because of our uncompromising quality, Isenberg products make long-lasting additions to your bathroom that will retain their beauty and function for years to come.


Simply Captivating.


Infinity™ wall mount faucets

A Modern Art Piece. A Wall Mount Wonder.


Cascade™ tub fillers

High Flow Tub Fillers.

Serie 260™

Serie 260™ bathroom sink faucets

Fluid Curves.

Serie 250™

Serie 250™ bathroom sink faucets

Symphony of Style. Our Newest Collection.

Serie 240™

Serie 240™ bathroom sink faucets

Modern & Transitional. With Cross Handles.

Serie 196™

Serie 196™ bathroom sink faucets

A Minimalist’s Delight.

Serie 180™

Serie 180™ bathroom sink faucets

Curves and Clean Lines.

Serie 160™

Serie 160™ bathroom sink faucets

Meticulous Design. Celebrates Technical Precision.

Serie 150™

Serie 150™ bathroom sink faucets

Perfectly pointed. A Unique Handle Design.

Serie 145™

Serie 145™ bathroom sink faucets

Soft With a Twist of Luxury.

Serie 100™

Serie 100™ bathroom sink faucets

Good Handling and Elegant Lines.

Universal Fixtures™

Universal Fixtures™

An extensive assemblage of cohesive bathroom fittings.