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Are Pull Down Kitchen Faucets Worth It?
Pull down kitchen faucets are widely used in North America. They usually feature a dual sprayer which detaches from the kitchen spout providing movement so water can be sprayed in all areas of a kitchen sink.
Are Kitchen Faucets Universal?
Yes. All Kitchen Faucets fit a standard deck/granite hole size - 1 ⅜ Inches. Ask you contractor to take a look at the kitchen faucet or its specification sheet to double check.
How Long Is A Kitchen Faucet Hose?
Pull down kitchen faucet hoses vary by manufacturer and can range for 16 - 20 Inches. A 20 Inch hose is sufficient to clean most sinks. If you have a deep sink you may need a 24 Inch hose. Hoses are made of braided nylon.
How Tall Should A Kitchen Faucet Be?
Most kitchen faucets are beteen 16-19 inches tall. The distance between lower and upper kitchen cabinets is usually 18 Inches. So plan accordingly. Taller kitchen faucets provide more versatility when filling larger pots.