The planet has only 3% fresh water and we help you use that smartly, without compromising on user experience. Because our customers deserve the best life has to offer. Since we are present across the globe, we know that water does not come with boundaries. It is for everyone, which means each one of us has to take care of it.

Ecomatic Philisophy

We have to minimize the impact on the environment while maximizing water delivery. This is the main reason why there are no uber-high-flow fixtures in our product range, simply because it is wasteful. The technology that goes into our products helps us deliver bath systems that do not exclusively rely on the volume of water that is available. Our idea is to create faucets that enhance your water experience by using technologies that allow greater body to every drop. We believe that excess does not necessarily mean more. With state of the art air infusion technologies available we add an adequate amount of air into every drop of water, giving it great body and smoothness while still maintaining the look of a full cylindrical stream.

How The Ecomatic System Works:

1. Air bubble enters into water droplet

2. Water droplet enlarges

3. Water droplet breaks into two

So What Does All This Mean ?

It simply means you use half the amount of water for twice the amount of fun. Cutting-edge water maximization techniques and the finest aerators make your Isenberg Experience both responsible and luxurious all together.