The Klassiker™ Range: My Kitchen My Memories.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where friends and family gather to visit, laugh, talk and cook. Isenberg brings an exceptional level of craftsmanship to all our stainless steel fixtures that is worthy of the time and energy you spend in your kitchen.

Whether you love to cook or prefer to order out, we have the stylish, hard-working faucets that will enhance your kitchen and exceed your expectations.

Our collection ranges from entry-level to professional grade faucets, all sharing common attributes such as precision machining and meticulous finishing. We’re honored to be a part of your kitchen memories, now and for years to come.

A Selection Of 20 Different Thin Film Ceramic Finishes:

Isenberg opens the door to new design possibilities with impressive unique finishes using advanced resin technology.

Choose from 20 different colors, all available across our complete Klassiker™ kitchen faucet collection.

These ceramic-based finishes are eco-friendly, much more so than traditional finishes based on chrome and nickel chemical processes.

They are oven-cured and finished to perfection, resulting in a beautifully durable product that is corrosion-proof and resistant to scratches, chips and abrasive solvents.

The Anatomy of an Isenberg Kitchen Faucet – Only The Finest Components – Solid Stainless Steel Construction:

Solid Steel Body & Handle

Solid Steel


Braided Flex


Cartridge By Kerox

Smallie – K.1000


Functionality On Hand – Entry Level.

Caso – K.1200


Synergy & Experience.

Dixie – K.1230


Tackle Tough Kitchen Tasks.

Glatt – K.1260


Sleek & Slim.

Zest – K.1290


Heavy Duty Stainless Steel.

Cito – K.1300


Quick & Simple. – Entry Level.

Deus – K.1330


Dynamic Contrast – Entry Level.

Ziel – K.1360


The Peak Of Minimalism.

Tanz – K.1500


Heavy Duty Stainless Steel.

Professio S – K.2000

Professio - S

The Full Kitchen Experience.

Professio F – K.2030

Professio F

Chef Quality Cooking.