Thermostatic Shower Guide

Master Bathroom Shower Design At It’s Best

Isenberg’s thermostatic valves are ideal for master bathroom remodels and new construction builds. They offer a high flow rate (13 Gallons Per Minute) for multi-output large showers and also for quickly filling up a large tub. Quick Valve Features:

  • 3/4″ NPT Connections – Female
  • Various verisons available – 1,2 & 3 ouptut
  • Seperate diverters and volume control
  • Solid Brass casting
master bathroom shower valve

Most thermostatic valves offer a higher flow rate than regular pressure balance valves. To accomplish this they usually have ¾” female NPT connections. This allows the plumber to bring right to the valve, a ¾” water supply line.

Temperature Regulation & Anti Scald

Isenberg thermostatic valves regulate temperature via the temperature knob. The way to identify the temperature knob is by noticing the push button on the knob.

This push button is an anti-scald mechanism.It allows the temperature handle to turn anti-clockwise to increase the water temperature but only by a certain amount. If a higher temperature of water is desired the push button must be pressed and only then with the handle turn further in the anti-clockwise direction.

This feature is especially useful when kids are using the shower because it prevents them from turning the water to a very hot temperature too quickly.

If you an interior designer designing a master bathroom shower – the Isenberg valve selection guide is a must-read. It reviews in detail all different kinds of thermostatic valves.

Constant Water Temperature

Another great feature of the thermostatic valve is that once the temperature knob is set – it will output water at a fixed temperature (within a range of usually 2° Celsius).

Just turn the volume control know on and off and leave the temperature knob as is. And you will have the same temperature every time (within 2° Celsius).

Control Water Volume – Full Force Down To A Trickle

All Isenberg thermostatic valves control the volume of water via a separate volume control knob. The water volume can be controlled specifically from full flow down (13PGM in our case) down to Zero GPM.

This way the user can have a flow and volume of water as per their wish. Maybe have full flow when you are rinsing your hair to get the shampoo out and a slower flow otherwise.

Servicing Your Shower Valve

Servicing thermostatic valves is important and quite easy. The thermostatic valve has within it a thermostatic cartridge which has a wax element. The wax comes in contact with hot and cold water and expands and contracts.

This expansion and contraction regulates the temperature of water by allowing only a certain amount of hot and cold water thru the cartridge. The cartridge also has rubber o-rings which provide water tight seals. Those should always be checked for damage.

Removing The Temperature Cartridge

Removing The Diverter Cartridge

Checking For Cartridge Defects

Once your cartridges have been removed it is important to visually inspect them for defects.

  • Check for dirt
  • Clean filters
  • Inspect o-rings
  • Inspect rubber seals

If any of these parts especially o-rings and rubber seals are damaged they need to be replaced.

master bathroom shower cartridge maintenance

Isenberg TVH™ Series Thermostatic Shower Valves

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