Wood Handles

Available in concrete, wood and metal handles the SERIE 240™ provides design options for various styles of bathrooms.

Metal Handles

The SERIE 240™ collection is an ensemble of 21 plumbing fixtures all co-ordinating for the tub, shower and sink areas of your bath space.

Modern Day Aesthetic

A masterpiece of transitional design, the SERIE 240™ is a striking work of art. Characterized by clean surfaces, soft lines and an astute symmetry, the SERIE 240™ elevates with its sleek form.

Serie 240™ Products: – In stock in Four finishes.

Brushed Nickel
Polished Nickel
Matte Black

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Serie 240™ Pricebook:

Meet The Designer

Industry-leading designer Prakhar Kumar Jain designed the complete collection over a span of 18 months. He was inspired by the metronome and the Panerai watch and some of those shapes can be seen represented in the design of the SERIE 240™. Can you spot these shapes in the SERIE 240™ products?