Handle Operation – The right handle is used to control the temperature of water flowing through the outlet. The volume of water is control by the left most handle. The left handle is capable of controlling the volume of water from a trickle to full flow.

As the valve is installed, care should be taken to maintain proper distance from the back of the valve to the finished tile which should be between 2.77? and 3.44? inches [Rough In Spec]. Also the value must be installed straight and not at an angle or upside down. In case, the tile is thicker or valve is installed in the wall is too deep, extension kits are available and can be used for elongating both handles of the valve.

Cut Out Dimensions
– The cut out in wall should be 8.07 X 2.08 Inches and no more ? this will ensure that the trim plate will cover the cut out hole in the wall.

– The trims comprise of a well finished cover plate and handle knobs. Over the temperature control knob, is an anti-scald temperature stop ring which is a safety feature in this thermostatic value. With the help of this ring, temperature of the water is regulated. Covering this ring is the handle knob which has a push button on the side. In order to adjust the water temperature, one needs to press this button and move the handle to hot or cold direction. Without pressing it, the user will not be able to rotate the handle to the full HOT position ? as an anti-scald prevention mechanism. The anti-scald temperature stop ring should be fitted tightly over the valve (tapping using a rubber mallet might be required) for it to function properly. Depending upon the shower model, trims can be of different shape and size, varying from square to circular shower handles.