How To Add A Splash of Color To Your Kitchen

When you’re remodeling your kitchen or simply updating your faucet, the organization of your kitchen color schemes can be quite a challenge; luckily it is a challenge that many interior designers and kitchen remodelers will welcome with an air of excitement and creative attention to detail.

If you’re a homeowner, you can provide your preferences and desires for your updated kitchen, but ultimately it is up to the expertise and skills of your remodeler to listen to your preferences and deliver the finesse and cohesiveness of your overall result.

But we digress, because obviously, kitchen remodeling is not what we do here. We’re here to design and manufacture colored kitchen faucets, among other luxury plumbing fixtures. Having spent over ten years working with the kitchen and bath design community, our team at Isenberg would like to share with you some helpful facts about our unique product offerings and some tips on how to add color to your kitchen. So, let’s get right down to it! Keep reading to find the answer to the question “How do I add color to my kitchen?”

Navy Blue Kitchen Island With White Markble
Photo Source: North Shore Kitchen & Bath [] featuring a Blue Platinum kitchen faucet [Model K.1290]
Photo Source: Isenberg Faucets [] featuring a Crimson kitchen faucet [Model K.1200]

Have You Considered A Colored Kitchen Faucet?

The latest trend in kitchen design is to add pops of color to a neutral kitchen. For the last several decades, all-white kitchens have been very popular. And don’t get us wrong – white and neutral kitchen colors are classic designs that may still be valid in decades to come. Some homeowners are concerned their kitchen, that they updated with such vibrant and bold colors might not hold high value in years to come. However, research shows that a touch of color really will be timeless, especially if it is a lovely compliment to the room as a whole.

White kitchens with a pop of color, when visually organized with other features of the room, can increase the value and beauty of a kitchen indefinitely. A staple of good kitchen design is that it is thought out very carefully, organized smartly, and maintained consistently throughout the years.

A Colored Kitchen Faucet Adds Character

Many homeowners are updating their kitchens with colored kitchen faucets. Choosing a colored kitchen faucet can definitely be a great way to start adding color to your kitchen. In terms of Isenberg Faucets product offerings, you can take many kitchen faucet color ideas from our offering of 20 different Thin Film Ceramic Coating color finishes such as Matte Black, Matte Gold, Dark Grey, Crimson, Gloss White, Gloss Black, Navy Blue, and more.

Our tried and true selection of unique finishes is ahead of the curve of most other faucet manufacturers. Of course, simply coloring your kitchen faucet is only one aspect out of many aspects that contribute to a completely remodeled kitchen. Best practice is to blend all your kitchen colors together to produce your own aesthetic space that makes sense to the eye and invites friends and family to linger.

Video Source: Isenberg Faucets [] Featuring Tanz K.1500 Kitchen Faucet

How Can I Add Pop Color To My Kitchen?

A great starting point when you are blending your kitchen color schemes is to add color to your kitchen with accessories! A common concern amongst homeowners is that their kitchen is too white; other homeowners just need help adding color to a neutral kitchen. Many remodeling and design-build firms that provide modern and transitional kitchen updates can add character to a white kitchen with pops of color from accessories ranging from large projects like custom color cabinets and handles to details as small as the color of your kitchen towels! You can also spruce up white kitchens with color accents from lighting fixtures, matching utensil colors, the plant pot color of your succulent on the windowsill… Let your imagination run wild! But then also make sure to reign it in and maintain the resale value of your home to create a space people will thrive in forever. This is fun, this is home!

 Photo Source: Custom Design Construction []
Photo Source: Custom Design Construction []

Compliment Your Kitchen Color Scheme

If you’re looking to update your cabinets to compliment your kitchen color scheme, we also have some helpful advice on which material to choose! Hardwood is the way to go because it has the best quality, durability, and paintability. In particular, Maple is the best hardwood for colored kitchen cabinets, because Maple has a very fine grain and smooth surface. Thus, painting on Maple produces a superior final product. You will also secure a satisfactory result when painting Clear Alder or Oak cabinets. On the other hand, softwoods or any wood that has a prominent grain has knots and twists in it, or can easily be dented or scratched, should be avoided. Knots are difficult to paint over and may require extra effort on the part of the handyman (or woman!) to make any gaps and rough spots less noticeable.

For a luxurious aesthetic, Matte Black or Navy Blue kitchen cabinets are a great pairing with your kitchen faucet of the corresponding color. However, lighter colors for kitchen cabinets – e.g. greys, yellows, and greens – actually have been and still are more popular than darker color schemes. Across the USA, there are innumerable cabinet manufacturers and remodelers ranging from large companies to countless local small businesses. So, it only stands to reason that we can’t advise you on which one is best for your project. But we CAN advise you to support small businesses by researching the companies in your area and picking one that best suits your kitchen remodeling needs. For more details on the latest cabinet trends, see Sebring Design Build’s 11 top trends in kitchen cabinetry design for 2020

The last topic we’d like to offer some advice about is how to style your extra kitchen hardware. Here we’re talking about your cabinet handles, knobs, and appliances. A popular trend when homeowners are remodeling their kitchen with a particular color scheme is to camouflage the major appliances such as the refrigerator and dishwasher. This camouflaging effect is achieved by making the doors of these appliances identical to and flush with the other kitchen cabinets, creating a seamless kitchen. Another popular trend for cabinet handles is to have longer handles than have previously been seen in kitchens (these can go on tall cabinets or tall appliances that look like cabinets).

To find out what the hottest kitchen hardware trends were at this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, read KBIS 2020’s Top Kitchen Hardware Trends. The first on the list is open shelving, which we recommend that you avoid unless you are an avid organizer and cleaner. Open shelves must be free from clutter and require frequent dusting to maintain the stylish image of your kitchen.

Here’s our final 2 cents. When you’re remodeling your kitchen or updating your faucet, it is tempting to jump on the latest trend and build your new kitchen around what’s popular in the current design community. However, our best advice to you is for you to think carefully before you choose the colors based on what the most popular trend is. Research and review the entire myriad of options at your disposal, and really look inside yourself to identify the color scheme that aligns with your lifestyle, personality, and preferences. And, as always, have fun! Happy remodeling! :)