Isenberg Fixed & Adjustable Hand Shower Sets:

Shower Slide Bar

Isenberg brass slide bars with integrated elbow offer the ability to design bathrooms with less clutter.

No need for a separate wall elbow!

  • Solid Brass shower slide bar
  • With integrated supply elbow
  • ~ 24″ height
adjustable height shower head slide bar

Hand Held Shower Head

Hand held shower heads offer the flexibility for a personal and comfortable shower.

Accomodative of persons of varying heights this is a good option for a secondary bathroom.

  • Combined Supply Elbow and Holder
  • With back flow prevention
  • Solid brass construction
hand held shower head

Most Hand Held Shower Sets In Stock In Four Finishes:

Brushed Nickel
Polished Nickel
Matte Black

Hand Held Shower Wands

Rain Air

RAINAIR jet hand showers offer a soft water flow that offers a caressing feeling.

High Force – Massage

Isenberg’s brass wand’s produce high pressure water flow which gives a massage sensation. 1.80 GPM flowrate.

A Perfectly Pure Shower Experience

Brass Adjustable Slide Bars

brass wand

Solid Brass Construction

Isenberg offers slide bars with and without integrated wall elbows – all in solid brass. A regular slide bar can be used when an existing wall elbow is installed. For new construction consider a slide bar with integrated wall elbow for a minimal look.

Shower Elbows & Hand Shower Holders