Isenberg Fixed & Adjustable Hand Shower Sets:

Shower Slide Bar

Isenberg brass slide bars with integrated elbow offer the ability to design bathrooms with less clutter.

No need for a separate wall elbow!

  • Solid Brass shower slide bar
  • With integrated supply elbow
  • ~ 24″ height
adjustable height shower head slide bar

Hand Held Shower Head

Hand held shower heads offer the flexibility for a personal and comfortable shower.

Accomodative of persons of varying heights this is a good option for a secondary bathroom.

  • Combined Supply Elbow and Holder
  • With back flow prevention
  • Solid brass construction
hand held shower head

Most Hand Held Shower Sets In Stock In Four Finishes:

Brushed Nickel
Polished Nickel
Matte Black

Hand Held Shower Wands

hand shower with water

Rain Air

RAINAIR jet hand showers offer a soft water flow that offers a caressing feeling.

brass hand showe rwith water

High Force – Massage

Isenberg’s brass wand’s produce high pressure water flow which gives a massage sensation. 1.80 GPM flowrate.

Solid Brass Hand Helds

Video Featured above, Isenberg’s SHS.1024 handheld set with wall elbow and holder. 1.8 GPM flow rate with hose.

Brass Slide Bars

brass slide bar
brass wand

Solid Brass Construction

Isenberg offers slide bars with and without integrated wall elbows – all in solid brass. A regular slide bar can be used when an existing wall elbow is installed. For new construction consider a slide bar with integrated wall elbow for a minimal look.

Wall Supply Elbows & Hand Shower Holders